The vision that moves Tomex is to be a dynamic corporation which, on the basis of sound business principles and high-level logistics, can be the motor for wide-ranging, international trade with fresh and frozen food products. Our top success criterion stipulates that each of our business dealings is good; that is, one which all involved parties want to repeat in the future.

We aspire to be able to deliver a product that matches the needs of each individual customer without fail. To further this aim, we strive to gain insight into customers┬┤ production situations and the end-products they desire. This gives us the opportunity to adapt the product so it can enter directly into their production processes or product ranges. In turn, this enables our customers to minimise their own work procedures and equipment demands and thus to achieve a greater degree of productivity from the goods.

With headquarters in Aalborg and decentralised sales offices in relevant markets, Tomex┬┤s goal is to operate globally. By providing for the maintenance and development of existing and evolving market areas, we have earned a spot among the highest calibre companies in the business. And we are keen on maintaining and strengthening this position so as to continue to be able to offer our customers premium service.

We are a reliable, serious business partner, so we keep all of our agreements. We unearth market opportunities, are invariably up-to-date with product availability and offer long-term, stabile associations to both customers and suppliers. When you are dealing with Tomex, you are close to the world market no matter where you are in the world.